Pedaltrain Nightlight Distortion


Pedaltrain introduces Daylight Overdrive and Nightlight Distortion

Nightlight Distortion

“Nightlight” is an asymmetrical, full-bodied overdrive/distortion. The structure of the gain is detailed and complex. The gain will not collapse on itself/compress at high gain settings. This pedal is very dynamic and touch sensitive.

Listen to Daylight and Nightlight in different musical settings:

"Malibu Sunrise" - Daylight and Nightlight deliver John Mayer and Mark Knopfler vibes. Clean tone starts the track, then Daylight enters, the last section is Nightlight. Performed by Jerry McPherson.

"Lexington to Birmingham" - Travel the soulful South with with Daylight Overdrive in a Chris Stapleton-esque setting. Performed by Jerry McPherson. 

"The Clouds Lift Over Dublin" - Clean tone starts the track. Daylight enters and is used "always on" to lift the clouds and add a dimensional aspect to the rhythm parts. Nightlight picks up the melody lines in this U2-inspired track. Performed by Jerry McPherson. 

"Daytona Race Day" - Clean tone starts the track, and then Nightlight kicks in. Nightlight is stacked throughout to build and capture the energy of a motor speedway race, inspired by Blackberry Smoke. Performed by Jerry McPherson. 

"Closer to the Other Side" - Daylight and Nightlight are used to capture a loose and jangly rock track, inspired by Mutemath. Performed by Jerry McPherson. 



We designed this pedal to work well with various guitar and amp combinations, using every combination we could think of... vintage, boutique, budget, etc. Then, we spent a year sharing the pedals with session players in Nashville. This is the final product, and we like it a lot!

The controls are simple, just three knobs. Start with each control at 12:00 (midnight), and then experiment. We worked hard to make sure the 12:00 setting was a good starting place out of the box. 

  • Level: Level controls the volume of the output.
  • Tone: Tone controls the darkness/brightness of the tone.
  • Drive: Drive controls the amount of overdrive/distortion.

Notice the tone knob sweep is musical and usable through the entire range. As you back off the guitar’s volume pot, the pedal cleans up. At higher gain settings the sound does not collapse on itself. Descriptions are subjective, so listen to the audio clips to see if it is right for you.


"These pedals are really, really good. The tone knob circuit is so good. I wish I could go back and replay all the solos where I used [redacted] and replace them with Nightlight." - Jerry McPherson

"These pedals are exceptional. As good as, or better than, any boutique pedal in the market." - Kenny Greenberg

"Daylight loves my Strat. I am getting all of the Clapton tones... Nightlight + my '61 Les Paul = Gimme All Your Loving." - Gordon Kennedy

"Truly a home run... absolutely will be attached to my main rig." - Erick Cole

"To be honest, they do not sound like anything else I have ever played. I'm not just saying that either. Like, I don't hear any sort of circuit that is similar. I love them a lot." - Johnny Miller

"Daylight is awesome! It will live on my live board." - Barry Graul


  • Made in the USA.
  • Designed, built and tested in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • True Bypass Switching. The devices use standard mechanical true-bypass switching. Audio will pass through if the switch is turned off, and/or if there is no power to the pedal.
  • Switchcraft jacks
  • 9V only. External power supply required. Power supply not included. There is no battery clip inside.
  • 9-Volt DC power supply with a 2.1mm center-negative barrel connector.
  • Current Draw: Less than 10 mA
  • (9v) DC power only. Do not run at higher voltages. 
  • Length x Width x Height (incl. sockets, knobs, etc.): 4.92” x 2.62” x 2.23” (125 mm x 66.5 mm x 56.6 mm)


Guitar effects pedals and electronic devices are not eligible for returns (all sales final).


USA:  One-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not cover wear and tear, nor incidental or consequential damage to persons or property caused by use, abuse, misuse, or improper storage or transport of the unit. Cosmetic variation is to be expected and not covered under warranty. Warranties are given to the original purchaser only and not transferable. This warranty shall not apply to any goods that have been altered or modified by anyone other than Pro Stage Gear LLC. Proof of purchase is required for warranty claims, so please save your receipt.