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Spark is the smallest, most powerful power supply in it's class, featuring an innovative, patent-pending mounting system. Spark mounts under all Pedaltrain models (even the flat ones) in 60 seconds, without drilling or modifying your pedal board. No additional tools required.  In addition to all the necessary mounting tools and hardware, Spark comes with a generous complement of DC power cables and daisy chains. Everything you need to power a complete Pedaltrain rig is included in the box.

Spark has 5 isolated outputs totaling 1300 mA of power.  The unit features a toroidal transformer, professional magnetic shielding, short circuit protection on all outputs, internal fuse protection, and is switchable for worldwide use.  Spark is compatible with aftermarket voltage adaptors for 18V output and will power most world-class, high-draw digital pedals.  

Tech Specs:


  • 5.75 in x 3.375 in x 1.1875 in (14.6 cm x 8.57 cm x 3 cm)

Power Specs:

  • 5 isolated outputs:
    • (2) 500mA outputs
    • (3) 100mA outputs
  • 1300 mA total output
  • Short circuit protection on all outputs
  • Output voltage regulation and filtering
  • Switchable for worldwide use (worldwide AC cables not included)
  • Internal fuse for surge protection
  • Professional magnetic shielding


  • Assortment of 22ga DC Pedal Power Cables
    • (2) 2.1mm 5 Position Daisy Chain (10" between each tap)
    • (3) 2.1mm Right Angle to Right Angle 18"
    • (1) 3.5mm Right Angle to Right Angle 18"
    • (2) 2.1mm Right Angle to Right Angle 30"
    • (2) 2.5mm Right Angle to Right Angle 18"
  • (2) Patent Applied for Quick Mount Compression Brackets and Screws
  • (1) IEC AC Power Cable
  • (1) Small Hex Wrench
  • User Manual

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